Fertility Steam

Fertility Steam

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This blend is packed with fertility-loving herbs. For some women trying to conceive can go from an exciting time to one filled with stress. Often times this raises hormones that inhibit conception. Caring for the reproductive system with fertility friendly herbs and keeping stress levels low are important when trying to conceive & can help increase chances of conceiving. This blend will help to boost chances of fertility.




Dong Quai Root

Licorice Root

Black Cohosh



 What is Yoni Steaming?

As women our bodies go through lots of changes inside and out. Sometimes we struggle with caring about the place that matters most on our bodies, our sacred space, our YONI! 

“Yoni” is a Hindu word which translates to “sacred space” . Our yoni is the source of life, the passageway into the world, the place where the mother and baby unite, as women we should treat this space with the upmost respect and care to protect it from any negative energies we may encounter whether it be sexual trauma, UTI, STD, or even stress. 

In ancient times , women from different walks of life would engage in yoni steaming to treat common female ailments which include menstrual cramps, vaginal and urinary infections, cysts, hemorrhoids, infertility, and much more.  Yoni steaming is the process of steeping loose herbs in boiling water for 4-5 min , and squatting over the pot allowing steam from the herbs to be absorbed into the yoni.  Over time yoni steam have proven to be beneficial to women by aiding them in common female ailments. 

How often should I steam?

1-3 times a month, preferably before or after menstruation, however your steaming frequency will depend on the steam blend you choose.  Steaming a few days before menstruation will help ease menstrual cramps, steaming after menstruation will ensure the yoni is balanced. NEVER STEAM DURING MENSTRUATION. AS THE MUSCLES IN THE UTERUS ARE ALREADY CONTRACTING, BY INTRODUCING HEAT THIS WILL CAUSE MUSCLES TO CONTRACT MORE AND LEAD TO FURTHER DISCOMFORT .

Who is Yoni steaming for ?

 Women who may suffer from:

hemorrhoids, cysts, infertility, menstrual cramps, vaginal infections, urinary infections, dryness, stress, tension, trauma, menopausal symptoms


Who is Yoni steaming not for?

Women who are menstruating

Women who are pregnant/ May become pregnant

Women with birth control implants

Yoni steaming is not always beneficial for everyone, and can not be guaranteed to cure any disease/ infection. Urthly Kreations makes no claims to cure any disease/infection with our products. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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