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Activated Charcoal Soap

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Fight acne with Urthly Kreations' Activated Charcoal Soap! Made from 100% Activated Charcoal, this Soap is guaranteed to help bring impurities like black heads and white heads out of your skin, for smoother skin.

Activated Charcoal  is widely known for its ability to pull impurities from the skin, fight acne, purity pores, while also helping with fine lines and aging . 

How to use:
Begin by washing your hands to prevent any bacteria from getting on your skin. Next, rinse face with warm water, wash face with soap, rinse, and pat dry. Use this soap as part of your skincare routine, no more that 3 times per week. This soap can also be used as routine body soap  

Use soap as a mask by applying it to skin, letting it sit 15-20 min , then rinse and pat dry.

Activated Charcoal Powder 
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