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Turmeric Scrub

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Get rid of skin impurities and acne with Urthly Kreations' Turmeric Scrub!


Turmeric DOES stain, please use dark towels. Some people may have sensitivity to turmeric, please test on a small section of skin before fully applying  .

This Turmeric Scrub is great for its ability to even skin tone, soften skin, rid skin of impurities, and fade dark spots.

How to use:
Begin by washing your hands to prevent any bacteria from getting on your skin. Next, rinse face with warm water, use finger(s) to apply scrub. Massage scrub into skin in a circular motion , rinse with warm water, and pat skin dry. Use this scrub in your weekly skincare routine no more than 3 times per week.

Organic Ground Turmeric
Organic Raw Sugar
Organic Brown Sugar
Organic Honey
Coconut Oil

Skin Scrub
Face Scrub