About Us

Urthly Kreations is  holistic skin & wellness  line dedicated to providing customers with useful  options that promote healthy skin & body. Our products are handcrafted with natural ingredients that promote happy, healthy living .
Who is Urthly K. For ?
Urthly Kreations is specially crafted for people wanting to improve their overall health from a holistic approach. 
Why shop Urthly K. ?
Urthly Kreations' main goal and drive is to provide customers with quality products that improve the the health of their mind, body, & soul.
Meet the Owner !
Hello, I am Tijah Fairley! Owner & operator of Urthly Kreations Apothecary. Urthly Kreations began in July of 2017 as a simple hobby only consisting of herbal soap. As time went on my hobby of making only soap turned into me creating bodybutters, bodyscrubs & other body products. After being in business for some time, I decided to expand my knowledge in the skincare industry by going to school for aesthetics in order to provide my customers with effective, quality products.
Today Urthly Kreations has expanded outside of skincare, and into the world of holistic healing offering an array of herbal products dedicated to providing alternatives methods of healing. As the owner of Urthly Kreations I vow to provide my customers with products they trust and love by expanding my knowledge of herbal medicine & acquiring my herbalist license. Come along on this spiritual journey with me, & indulge yourself in my Urthly Kreations!