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About Us

Urthly Kreations is an organic skincare line dedicated to providing customers with useful skincare options that promote healthy skin. Our products are homemade with revitalizing ingredients that soak deep into the skin to nourish and protect.
Who is Urthly K. For ?
Urthly Kreations is specially crafted for people with sensitive skin, however, it is useful for people of ALL skin types, shades, ages, and genders! 
Why shop Urthly K. ?
Urthly Kreations' main goal and drive is to provide customers with quality products that improve the overall health of their skin. 
Meet the Owner !
Hello, I am Tijah Fairley! I have struggled with having sensitive skin my entire life, and also struggled to find affordable skin care products with natural ingredients. After months of creating personal products, I came up with the idea to share my products with others who also struggle with sensitive skin. Since then I have dedicated myself to improving my craft and sharing my Urthly Kreations!